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Star Bursts Studs

Star Bursts Studs

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Our screw back star studs bring the magic of the night sky right to your ears.  The stars' intricate details and graceful lines evoke a sense of awe and fascination, reminding you to always reach for the stars.

These detailed Star Burst Studs are the ultimate comfort earrings. No need to worry about earring posts poking the back of the ears anymore as these earrings come with comfortable round screw back ends. Continue to do all the things you love to do; sleep, swim, sweat and repeat! (these earrings are not for new piercings but rather for healed piercings). 


FIT: 6mm post length with 20 gauge post. These are slightly thicker and shorter than the standard earring post. Fits flush to the back of the ear for the ultimate comfort. Includes a 3.5mm screw-on ball backs.


How to Wear:

1. Unscrew the ball back from the earring post. 

2. Insert the earring into the piercing. Carefully line up the ball at the back of the ear and twist clockwise to tighten. Twist the ball until it will not screw any further. To loosen, unscrew the ball counterclockwise. 

3. Enjoy comfort 24/7! We recommend to occasionally check the ball back is secured tightly. 


✶This item is crafted with high quality heavy gold plating over sterling silver. For more information on these materials and how to care for your items, click here.

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