Material + Care



Here at Copper Rose Jewelry we offer different types of metal options to choose from when purchasing your items. We want to help you understand the differences of each type of material Copper Rose Jewelry offers. Read below!




Plated jewelry is made when casting the piece of jewelry in a base metal and electric currents are used to negatively charge the base metal. The piece of jewelry is then "dipped" into a positively charged gold. Acting like a magnet, the two metals are paired together and a layer of gold is formed on top of the piece of jewelry. Here at Copper Rose Jewelry we use a 14K Gold over sterling silver. Everyones skin oils and chemistry are different therefore fading could occur therefore we cannot repair or refund if fading occurs. 


Vermeil (ver-may)

A similar process to plated jewelry, Vermeil must meet a certain jewelry standard to be classified as Vermeil. Vermeil jewelry is crafted by electroplating a thick (2 microns) layer of 14k gold coating over sterling silver. Gold Vermeil pieces should be taken off when showering, going into pool or excerising. Do not use chemicals to clean these pieces. Everyones skin oils and chemistry are different therefore fading could occur therefore we cannot repair or refund if fading occurs. 


Gold Filled

Gold and Rose Gold Filled jewelry is a thick layer of 14/20K gold bonded over a jeweler's brass. The jewelry consists of a percentage of genuine karat gold that is bonded to the base metal when using extremely high temperatures and pressures.  Gold filled jewelry is a great alternative option than solid gold and is a great price point for the durability. With the proper care the longevity of these items will last you years! 


Solid Gold

Solid gold is the best of the best in the gold line up. Solid gold is made by mixing different metals or mixing alloys, making it the most durable and long lasting. Solid gold items will withstand the test of time making it great pieces that can be passed down to generations.  


Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver over a jewelers brass.  Please note that Sterling Silver will show signs of oxidation and it completely normal and to be expected. Sterling silver will need more frequent cleaning; please see below for the care instructions of our jewelry.


Do your pieces contain Nickle?
We are happy to say that all of our jewelry is nickle and lead free!

Gemstone Care
We suggest to take off all jewelry when entering the water, especially with pieces that have pearls or gemstones. Water can loosen up the glue that helps hold these pieces into place risking the gemstones to loosen. 


Your jewelry requires very limited maintenance but it is recommended to keep items stored in an jewelry box while not being worn. Avoid storing jewelry in humid places such as the bathroom and periodically clean your jewelry using a polishing cloth. It is recommended to take your jewelry off when sleeping, swimming in salt water, chlorine pools and hot tubs. Avoid spraying perfume directly onto pieces and remove when applying creams ie: sunscreen, perfume and lotions. Think of the rule, "last on, first off".  Every person has different levels of oil and PH in our bodies therefore some pieces may require more frequent cleaning. This warranty does not cover normal and expected wear and tear. 

When following the proper care tips, you will get years and years of wear of your treasured Copper Rose Jewelry pieces!

If you require any additional information about your items and how to care for them, please connect in with us at