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Copper Rose Jewelry

Live in Hoops

Live in Hoops

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The Live in Hoops are a staple in your jewelry box. These earrings are perfect to wear all day without taking them in and out...exactly why they are named "Live In".

12mm are great for smaller kids where they can leave in all the time! 12mm are also great for second or third piercings.


Instructions on how to put on:

1. Be patient and take your time to put in the hoops.

2. When looking in a mirror, gently pull away the earring post from the tube of the earring.

3. Once it is open, twist away gently so you have an opening to insert the post into the piercing.

4. Once the wire is in the piecing, gently twist the wire back into the earring tube. Be gentle to avoid any warping. Once it is closed, give it a little "pinch".
NOTE: 12mm earrings may be more difficult to put in (due to the size) so you may find it easier inserting the post through the back of the piercing so you can see how to close it from the front.


✶This item is crafted with high quality 14K Gold Filled, Rose Gold Filled or Sterling Silver material. For more information on these materials and how to care for your items, click here.

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