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Vintage Herringbone Bracelet

Vintage Herringbone Bracelet

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This yellow gold filled bracelet has the most magnificent gold colour and can be easily worn by itself or layered. Make it a set with the Vintage Herringbone Necklace.




Gold Filled:

Gold Filled jewelry is a thick layer of 14/20K gold bonded over a jeweler's brass. The  jewelry consists of genuine karat gold that is bonded to the base metal when using extremely high temperatures and pressures. Gold filled jewelry is a great option for those with sensitive skin that is also tarnish resistant. Gold Filled and Rose Gold Filled contain the same 14K gold but their looks change when different combinations of metals are mixed to make either the yellow colour of the 'gold'  or the pink colour of the 'rose gold'.  Gold filled products have a great price point for the durability. With the proper care the longevity of these items will last you years! They contain no lead or nickel.


Care Instructions:

Your pieces requires very limited maintenance but it is recommended to keep items stored in an air tight bag while not being worn and avoid storing jewelry in humid places (the bathroom). Periodically clean your jewelry using a polishing cloth or warm water & a gentle dish soap. It is recommended to take your jewelry off when sleeping, swimming in salt water, chlorine pools and hot tubs. Avoid spraying perfume directly onto pieces and remove when applying creams ie: sunscreen, perfume and lotions. Every person has different levels of oil and PH in our bodies therefore some pieces may require more frequent cleaning. When following the proper care tips, you will get years and years of wear of your treasured Copper Rose Jewelry!

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